Wednesday 29 June 2022

WOYWW 682: Two and A Half Weeks

 Half way through my third to last week of term and starting to get tired.  Reports will be finished by Friday and I have the two days I work in the last week off to rewrite the curriculum ready for September.  I have planned to get this done by the end of July so I can enjoy August with no thought of work.  

Anyway, you are here to see my desk as I join in with Julia and the gang for WOYWW via Stamping Ground.

Look what arrived on Saturday, along with the sprays and the Oxide reinker.  I have been pre ordering the new Tim Holtz colours since he started bringing the new ones out and haven't been disappointed yet.  I have already used the ink on a card and will be using the others before too long I am sure.

The daily journaling continues and I am in the middle of a run of four Autumn themed pages.  I can't believe the year will be half after tomorrow.

I am having trouble commenting on some blogs (Christine, Lyn, Lynne, Lilian and Susan).  For some reason I have been signed out of google on those blogs and it won't let me log back in.  I have no idea why as I am still logged in on other blogs.  So sorry - I do visit everyone but can't always leave a comment.

Stay safe and Happy WOYWW


  1. I do like the latest new colour, I haven't used it as such yet other than to see what it looks like. I don't routinely buy them all though (that's restraint!!) Good luck getting the work done so you can take August properly off. Happy WOYWW Helen #1

  2. I could tell the Autumn colours before reading your text, love the brownish/orange-ish warm feel to it! I'm not good with (distress)ink myself and a bit jealous of people who are able to use it so well... but then again, I have plenty of other talents and too little time to learn all about inkpads. Thanks for your visit to my desk, good luck with the last weeks of work. Enjoy your week. Love from Holland. Marit #4

  3. I haven't bought that new colour as I have so many that I'm not sure I need it but we'll see. Good luck with getting the school stuff done. My hubby is still moderating far more schools than usual as they are not letting staff out for the visits so the retired teachers are trying to fill in. He should be finished this Friday but it doesn't look that way. Well done keeping up with the journal too. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x12x

  4. Gorgeous pages, and those leafy ones are beautiful, I do love an autumn theme at any time of the year! I really like the new colour from TH, I might succumb but I need to check my stash as I think it's very close to a Stampin Up colour that I have.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Diana xx #13

  5. Glad you could comment on my blog this week Sarah. Thanks for your visit. I love the name of your distress ink -Uncharted Mariner! It must be a very deep blue.
    Lovely journal pages as ever. I hope your last couple of weeks of term go well.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 6

  6. Fabulous collage pages. Really love the first one especially. I hope you manage to get everything done so you can relax in August. Happy WOYWW. Angela #10. By the way, I have been having trouble with being signed out too.

  7. Love the latest colour but have so much stuff I only buy the oxides and reinker now.
    You are tired - and you have to do work in the l o n g holidays teachers get - thought they only worked 9-4. Ha ha, being sarcastic here as i know what it is like but that is some folks perception of the job! Hope you get August off! You will have earned it.
    I have just scrolled through my comments and found at least five that were buried amongst the deleted ones. Maybe yours go there on other blogs but i have no problems with yours.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hugs, Neet 11 xx

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  9. It’s all embedded comment boxes Sarah, I have same issues, just tried to comment on them but no go.

    If they’d change from embedded we would be okay.

    It’s the default setting for blogger I’ve written asking them to fix it but no go. It can be changed by blog owner in settings.

    Love the new colour must admit I’ve eyed it off but can’t justify it. I’ve been on strict buying ban and onky lashed out once in six months a couple of eeeks ago.

    Well done on your journaling, I’m always impressed I cannot diary or journal, I fizzle every time!

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  10. I do like the new colours and have to get some new inks myself, But trying not to at the moment lol love all your work the backgrounds are amazing

    Take care

    Lilian B # 15

  11. Gosh, you've just made me realise how close we are to school holidays! When did that happen? I've been looking at the new distress colour as well and almost bought it, but managed to talk myself out of getting it. I have to avoid watching Tim's recorded lives, because last time I've watched it, I ended up buying a load of stuff LOL! I might give in to the Unchartered Mariner though. Maybe just get the ink refill to see what it looks like, otherwise I'll be forever wondering haha! Hang in there and very wise to do the work early on so you can then enjoy the rest of the summer! xx zsuzsa #20

  12. I think i am going crazy, Thought I posted and there is nothing there lol, I love all your work and the backgrounds are amazing,

    Take care and stay safe.

    Lilian B # 15

  13. I am wondering if there is a problem as have tried three times to post on your blog, Love you work and the back grounds are amazing

    Take care and stay safe ,

    Lilian B #15

  14. Ironically, yours has been a blog that Google wouldn’t let me sign in to. I’ve altered my browser settings to “allow cross website tracking” and now I’m back to being enabled across everyone’s blogs again. Irritating enough, but worse because I don’t really understand what I’ve enabled!! Just said to Helen that I’ll wait to be convinced by your works because I’m not in a rush for this new ink colour, although it will probably be the only shade if blue in an ink pad that I haven’t got, possibly got blue ink lethargy!! I’m not surprised that you’re feeling a bit tired by this point if term, thank god for your splendid routine to keep you at it while being able to actively plan a proper break.

  15. I think I have blue ink exhaustion, I have so many that I don’t feel the need for the new DI, but as I said to Helen, I’ll prolly have to buy it once you show your prowess with it! Not surprised that you’re feeling it now, such a long term. This is where the skill of your carefully honed routines will keep you going, and enable you go confidently plan a proper break.

  16. Hellooo Sarah, not long toooo go now, hang in there ⭐ I'm in awe that with everything else you still manage to keep up with your're amazing ... roll on the giddy days in August just waiting for you to relax and breathe 🤗Enjoy your new inks 😘 sending love and hugs your way. Tracy #14 xxxx

  17. Hellooo Sarah, not long toooo go now, hang in there ⭐ I'm in awe that with everything else you still manage to keep up with your're amazing ... roll on the giddy days in August just waiting for you to relax and breathe 🤗Enjoy your new inks 😘 sending love and hugs your way. Tracy #14 xxxx

  18. Hellooo Sarah, not long toooo go now, hang in there ⭐ I'm in awe that with everything else you still manage to keep up with your're amazing ... roll on the giddy days in August just waiting for you to relax and breathe 🤗Enjoy your new inks 😘 sending love and hugs your way. Tracy #14 xxxx

  19. I admire your art so much, it gives me inspiration. Thank you for sharing

    Have a great week

    Hugs Mariane #19

  20. Oh I MUST get me some inks!!! what fabulous journals and pages and art work! Makes me want to stop messing round and really get on and do something usefull! Where Im house sittinf now the next door nieghbour has two studios and she invited me round to havea look at her newest one, fabuous! (One s for working in and ones for displaying her art) Wish we had a bigger garden! Have a great week! Happy WOYWW! ((Lyn))#16

  21. I really hope you get all your work sorted so you can have an August to yourself. I look on my distress ink shelf and I have 40 colours can't imagine all the new ones on top of that as it's been years since I bought any (before oxides existed even - LOL). Super daily journalling.
    Thanks for the visit BJ the super late this week #24

  22. That new color is gorgeous! And your pages are great, as usual!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #22

  23. ooh the new Tim colour, nice. I need to think about getting this one too.
    Loving your dailies and the "moonshine necessary mistake" - brilliant, as someone who grew up in the west country there was a LOT of moonshine mistakes in my youth!! Lol!
    thanks for visiting my desk already

  24. Love the new colour! I haven't caught up yet with last years new colours though! I should get on top of that! Lovely journal pages today! Hope you get all your schoolwork done! Thanks for your visit! Have a great week (sorry I'm late!) Lindart #23


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