Sunday 12 June 2022

Two for One Gel Print Birthday Cards

 By using a gel plate to take prints from a stencil, I managed to make two cards from one print.

Cut the butterfly from the centre of the March 2022 Clarity club stencil (#94).

Add the 6x6 gel plate to a Clarity mega mount and add alcohol inks to the gel plate, darker colours towards the outside (Sailboat Blue, Raspberry and Wild Plum) and paler colours in the centre (Shell Pink, Aqua and Cool Peri) and blend with a felt tool. Allow the ink to dry.

Add a thin layer of white acrylic paint to the gel plate with a brayer, lay the outer wreath stencil onto the gel plate and pull a print onto Clarity stencil card.

Remove the stencil and pull a second print.

Trim the first print to 6” x 6” and use a paper punch to round off the corners.

Repeat with the second print.

Cut both panels in half and mix them.

Mat the mixed toppers onto black card leaving a narrow border. Round the corners.

Cut 2 of the nested lace heart set 2 small frames from black card.

Add them diagonally into the centre of the toppers using Wackytac.

Add one of Barbara’s Words stickers to each topper.

To finish, add the toppers to the front of 7” x 7” white card blanks.

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