Wednesday 8 February 2017

WOYWW: 401 Still Going Strong

After the momentous anniversary last week, it seemed only fair to keep going.  I might not have been with this group since the start (unlike our host Julia over on The Stamping Ground), but I am enjoying joining in each week.  Once again, I'm sharing the desk on my crafty Tuesday session with my friend.
My side of the desk shows me about to start work on my February Mission for Mission Inspiration (for full details of the finished page look HERE).  I wanted to work mainly with Clarity stamps and stencils, so as you can see I have some of my 7"x7" stencil folders out as well as one of my stamp binders.  I keep all my Claritystamp stamps in these folders on A4 heavy acetate sheets.  In the background you can see the modelling paste that I was about to use.
My  friend was just starting work on some wedding invitations for her niece, working with stamping over a Pixie Powder background.  You can see her collection of Pixie Powders in the foreground, together with the A4 box which she uses for creating the background pieces.  She was busy die cutting sections of the stamped background in this shot.

I thought you might like a notice which I have recently bought for my craft shed.  It is sadly accurate, although I do always get all the washing done at a weekend. 

Finally here is a picture of the finished art journal page. 
PS.  I won't have time to visit many desks this week as our youngest son was rushed to hospital last night after I had written most of this post ready for today.  It looks as if he will make a full recovery, but it was scary for a few hours.

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