Monday 27 February 2017

From Copying Designs to Creating my Own

Exact copy using Imagination Crafts Decoupage stamp set
Free stamp make
I must admit, looking back on photos of cards that I have made in the past, I can tell that I wasn't the confident card maker that I feel today.  I tended to slavishly attempt to recreate ideas that I had seen in magazines or online.  Nowadays, I may look to other people for inspiration, a jumping off point or to explore a new technique, but I always want to put my own twist on an idea.  To illustrate, I thought I'd share some cards from way back in the past; apologies if I no longer know the names of the original designers.  They are based on cards that I saw created in Craft Stamper more than two years ago.  Thanks for the inspiration, but I feel far more confident these days.  If anyone ever wants to use one of my designs for inspiration, you are more than welcome to.  I am happy to give back to that generous crafting community who have helped me so much over the years.
IndigoBlu Poppies

Larger version of original with a different sentiment; starting to get adventurous!
Thanks so much for your inspiration, ideas and talent.  I would never have got started without your examples to inspire me.

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