Monday 25 January 2016

Brusho Background

I've been playing with my Brusho colours today.  In the past when I've used them, I've sprinkled the powder on first, then spritzed the card with water.  This time I decided to see what would happen if I spritzed the card first.

I wanted to create a background for the tag that I created yesterday, so I chose Turquoise, Orange, Crimson and Prussian Blue Brusho Colours.  I stayed away from yellow tones, as that is the main colour of the tag.
A completely different look, just by turning the card.
I used a piece of 7" x 7" stencil card by Claritystamp and spritzed the whole card lightly with water.  I added Crimson first, then the two shades of blue and finally orange in the top right hand corner.  Where there was more water, the colours spread quickly; where the card was less wet a more 'dotty' effect was created.  I decided to add a little more water, but didn't want to drown the 'dotty' sections.  I held the mister bottle well above the card and spritzed very lightly.  As you can see, some areas became faded when I laid a piece of kitchen towel over the card to mop up the excess water.  I didn't let it dry naturally, as some of the colours were beginning to run together too much.
When the card was dry, I tried the tag against it several ways round.  I'm not happy with the colour match, so I will be trying a different concept for the background piece.  Watch this space!

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