Sunday 20 November 2022

Peace: A Series of Christmas Cards

I had a bulk card making session with the September 2022 Clarity New Design Club die.

Choose four pieces of Antarctica Designer Petite card and cut each one in half.

Die cut the September 2022 Clarity New Design Cut die (#45) from each one. Keep the extra birds.

Take a sheet of Companion paper from each of the Toscana, Waimea Falls, Indian Summer, and Shenandoah sets and cut it in half. Die cut a mat from each half using the 5.25” nested square picot die and mat up the die cut toppers towards the picot end.

Lay the die back over the mat to cut the fourth picot edge close to the topper making a 5.25” x 3.75” mat.

Add the toppers to the front of 6” x 6” white card blanks.

To finish, add the extra birds along the bottom of each card.


Helen said...

they are beautiful Sarah!

Unknown said...

Lovely. I will have a go at this. Thank you for the idea.

UniSH said...

Lovely idea