Wednesday 12 August 2020

WOYWW 584: Crafting Alone

Another week flies by, I can't believe it is the fourth week of the holidays already - all down hill from here lol.
As you can see,  I was on my own in the shed yesterday.  The washed, empty cookie box sits waiting for Eva's return on the other side and I was contemplating opening up the package to start the online workshop with Maria Moorhouse that I have had sitting in the shed for a few weeks.
I was, however, interrupted by the delivery of an early birthday present.  I may be some time stroking, sniffing and making colour swatches lol.

This is my desk this morning with the first swatch complete.  Hope you are all OK following the spectacular thunder storms last night.  Don't forget to join in with What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday with Julia over on Stamping Ground.  I may not be round to visit today as hubby has a couple of weeks off and we are popping in and out a great deal. Stay safe and happy WOYWW everyone.


Helen said...

had no storms here (little sleep either!) we may get some tonight though... I hope so, it seriously needs to cool down. your birthday present looks fabulous what a range of shades! Take care. Helen #2

Annie Claxton said...

HI SArah, oooooooohhh!! what a lovely birthday present, those Polychromos pencils are brilliant and that's a fabulous range of colours. Happy WOYWW-day and don't think about September ... :o) Annie C #11

Ali Wade Designs said...

Happy WOYWW. I love those pencils and can imagine the smell now! We had thunderstorms during the day on Monday. Very heavy rain for a short while. Ali x #5

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Great birthday prezzy! I have a very similar tin of those pencils and love using them, though not often enough really. The colour swatch is very appealing indeed, why didn't I make one?! Enjoy your travels during your hubby's holiday, hope you have fun!
Oh and you picked the spotty fabric that I did use in the end, lol!
Hugs LLJ 1 xxxx

Mrs.D said...

Oh storms! that sound wonderful, nothing here but relentless heat!
Those colouring pencil do indeed need stroking,and sniffing and you have already done the colour swatch, well done.
Hope you are finding some safe places to get out to, enjoy your days out
Chris #7

Annie said...

We had an amazing thunderstorm here last night but sadly it's no cooler here today. I love your new pencils....wouldnt want to use them incase I broke one and had to sharpen it :-)
Annie x #12

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Are we really downhill now? Oh no, the school holidays have just begun! I'm kind of dreading September now - who knows what's going to happen with the infections going up - I'm just hoping we're not throwing the kids, parents and teachers under the bus! We would be just fine working from home. It's never too early for a birthday present! Mine is in March but I don't let that stop me LOL! Happy forthcoming! xx zsuzsa #11

Neet said...

Love my Polychromos - mainly because you can use them on a painted surface. Guess that is one reason you wanted them too. Looking forward to seeing your work with them.
Sorry Eva did not make it this week but hopefully we will all see her again before you return to school. I remember only too well how quickly those holidays went.
Stay safe and well
Hugs, neet 8 xx

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Sarah, wow isn't that set of pencils luscious! Unfortunately we had none of the storms last night, and it's still oppressively hot here today, rain & storms would be most welcome. It is surprising how fast this year has gone, I'd have expected it to drag with all the quarantines and lockdown, but nope, flying past us. Stay safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #4 X

Alison59 said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the pencils :-)

Crafting With Jack said...

Happy WOYWW. Fabulous birthday present. The colours look lovely. So far we have escaped the worst of the storms. The lightening was impressive though x Angela #23

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

It's strange but I remember when I was still teaching how quick the holidays seem to go, much quicker than the term time weeks Lol! Nice birthday pressie. No Thunder storms here yet. Wishing you a very happy week and a lovely creative woyww, Angela x16x

My name is Cindy said...

Morning Sarah, thanks for your earlier visit. I have that polychromo set, I asked for it last xmas and it is lush. Never thought of doing colour swatches though, I really am not that organised!! It's trying to rain again here - not sure it will be successful, probably just enough to make it more like a sauna. I love the tags too - they were enjoyable to do. Gosh time has flown, by next week you will be thinking about going back!stay well, stay safe, Cindy #15

Kathryn Frantz said...

Happy Birthday!!! Such a lovely gift, too!
How nice that you and hubby have time off at the same time! Good quality time!

Take care as you are popping .... :)

Stay well and Happy Wednesday!

Kathryn #29

Belinda said...

Sarah your desk is looking quite organized. I love your happy mail. It's so fun to look at the pencils in all their rainbow glory. I hope you finish swatching so then the real fun will begin. Do you color in coloring books. I have been enjoying adult coloring books a lot. I am just starting to mix mediums on the pages. It's quite fun. Enjoy the pencils and I hope the storms have passed. Its horribly hot and humid here. We are expecting relief on Friday. Slow going until then.
Belinda #27

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Hi Sarah, what a useful Birthday gift you'll be forever best buddies with them there will be no quarantine & 2 metre distance with those new friends, enjoy.. i know you will. The school summer holiday really has gone by fast I hope it all goes well on return if I don't get chance to pop in before then.
Take care & Happy WoywW Tracey xx

Shoshi said...

Oooh just look at all those gorgeous colours! A veritable rainbow and I don't blame you for wanting to sniff and stroke! Lovely swatches too. What fun you are going to have with that brilliant set. Sorry you were on your own in the shed this week.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #18

Julia Dunnit said...

Sorry to be late Sarah. Still no sign f a breath of fresh air caused by a storm, nothing like it yet. Today feels better just because its cloudy, but the mugginess is horrid! That early birthday present LOs a gift alright, just the span of the colours is enough to make me giddy! Hope you have oodles of fun with them.

Stacy Sheldon said...

the best pencils ever. :) YAY enjoy the stroking and sniffing and Happy Birthday Sarah. ~Stacy #28

Sue Jones said...

OOO lovely pencils- i have 7 polychromos , slowly buying them a few at a time . Not thunder here yet- looking forward to cooler days ( and nights) though. Sorruy I am so late getting round this week. Have a fab week - yes going too quickly! Soojay #22

BJ said...

Sorry, been too zonked out by the heat to sit at PC in my room which is the hottest in the house. Considering I don’t have the heating on in here all Winter, I’ve been really struggling!!
Thanks for the whereabouts of the legacy button, found it but will try to persevere with the new setup although it seems to have reverted to what the restrictions I remember years ago on blogger! Ho Hum.
Those pencils look amazing, rainbow order is so satisfying isn't it?
Thanks for the visit BJ#6

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your return visit, Sarah - actually Ruby was very comfy on the back of the chair and stayed there for hours! When she's relaxed, she lets bits of her dangle down. It's very tempting to tug on them!! I was fascinated to hear that you are a twin - my hubby is too - and that you had the exact same thing happen with your teeth! That's amazing. So glad you got to visit Romania. My favourite part was Maramures with all the carved wooden gateways and beautiful little wooden churches, and the horse wagons. I absolutely loved it. The people were wonderful to us - such great folk, and they went through so much hardship, and it didn't destroy their spirit. I particularly loved staying with people in the countryside and eating so much fresh produce from their gardens, and immersing ourselves in their rich culture. My hubby made a lot of friends over the years and they were so hospitable and welcoming.

I got my face shield on Ebay - it was only about £3-something and it's very comfortable to wear. I can imagine that it would be very hard to teach in a mask. I hate not being able to see people's expressions - I absolutely hate to see people muzzled, and the psychological effects are proving quite a problem, accentuating the sense of isolation. It promotes the idea that absolutely everyone you come near has the potential to kill you, which is simply awful! Talk about fear mongering. With clear face shields, you can see people smile, and deaf people can lip-read, and they are a lot more effective protection too for all sorts of reasons. They are a lot more comfortable and less obtrusive and don't obstruct your breathing. Win-win on all fronts if we've got to keep covering our faces.

Hope you're surviving the heat!

Shoshi x #18

Susan Renshaw said...

Gorgeous early birthday present - enjoyed just looking at it!
Sorry I am late getting around.
Stay safe and keep well...
Susan #13