Thursday 24 May 2018

Perfect Paint and Medium Storage

I have a lovely new addition to my craft shed.  It sits right next to my craft space and holds my paints and mediums.  I no longer have to cross over to the other side of the shed to find everything when I want to get painty.
I have heard a few people go on about what a fantastic storage solution the Raskog from IKEA is.  My husband and I took a trip to our nearest store yesterday and they had a £10 reduction offer for IKEA family members.  That was enough of a push for me.  I chose black, as they don't do bright red and I felt that white would show up any splashes of paint a little too readily.
The instructions were really easy to follow and I put the whole trolley together in about 20 minutes; not a two person job at all.
The bottom tray easily holds over 100 paint daubers.  I have used it for my Distress Paints, Adirondack Paints, DecoArt, Cosmic Shimmer and DoCrafts paints.
The overspill was easily accommodated on the middle tray, along with all my Pebeo Deco Creme paints, Studio Dyna Acrylic paints and most of my Reeves acrylic paints.
The top tray is the new home for my Pebeo and Amsterdam gessos, Pebeo Auxiliaries, Amsterdam Acrylic inks, DecoArt Crackle glaze and modelling paste.  It also houses my glycerine, Golden ink extender and mediums and my Mod Podge; all items that I reach for regularly when creating.  I am delighted with my new purchase and only wish that I'd taken the plunge sooner!

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