Saturday 21 January 2017

Unfinished Canvas Board Experiment

This is one of those projects that has been languishing unfinished for a while.  I managed to pick up a selection of the Pebeo Vitrail paints on sale a while back and decided to have a play with them.  I'm not sure at the moment however, how I am going to take the project further.  Time will tell...
I usually work on 5" x 7" canvas boards by Crawford and Black as these are relatively inexpensive and also not too large a size to be off putting.  To begin I used the Pebeo Mixtion Relief to draw raised lines across the board to create a landscape scene with a path, the sun and hills and sky.  As you can see, my hand wasn't too steady, so the lines are of varied thickness and also show breaks occasionally, rather than one smooth line.  I probably should have practised first ( I don't decorate cakes, so even though it is like piping icing, I haven't got the experience).

Once the Relief had dried to a tacky consistency, I pressed a sheet of the Pebeo Gede silver foil over the lines until they were coated, going back over any places that weren't covered with another area of the foil.  There is still plenty left on the sheet for other projects.  This provides the breaks between areas to keep the different Vitrail paint colours apart where I want them to be kept apart.
Once everything was completely dry, I started adding drops of the different Vitrail colours into the various sections, using a different pipette for each colour;  I then gently encouraged the paint to spread across each area with a brush.  The Vitrail paint is translucent and therefore the texture of the canvas can be clearly seen through it.  I was aiming for a sunset feeling with the colour layout.  For the sun, I allowed the yellow layer to almost dry before adding a few drops of the orange and dragging them along using a cocktail stick.  Where the colours are darker, I didn't spread the paint out quite as thinly using the brush.
So where next?  I will probably try adding some texture using stamps and similar coloured Archival ink.  I may also try creating a focal image on a separate piece of card, cut it out and add it over the background.  Watch this space.... any suggestions are welcome in the comments.

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