Saturday 14 January 2017

Groovin' 60s: Part One

I wanted to try something bright and cheerful and thought that the Groovin' 60s collection by Sheena Douglass would fit the bill.  Today I'll share the background and tomorrow I'll reveal the finished card.

I started with a piece of Sheena's stamping card trimmed to 19cm x 19cm.  I wanted a really bright background to contrast with the silhouette of the camper van, so blended a mixture of Twisted Citron, Peacock Feathers, Picked Raspberry and Spiced Marmalade randomly all over the card.  I kept adding colour until I was happy with the intensity of the coverage.
For the next stage, I used the Crazy Perspective stencil from the Groovin' 60s collection, together with a damp baby wipe and a damp cosmetic sponge to lift the colour.  As you can see, this was particularly effective over the orange section.  As the cosmetic sponge/ baby wipe picked up some colour, some of the colours became over laid with others creating a different, but still pleasing effect.  To emphasize this, I occasionally went back over some areas of the stencil with the baby wipe, deliberately dragging the colour from one area to another.  This is particularly evident towards the bottom left and right of the background piece.
For the final step, I turned the background 180 degrees before laying over the Camper stencil from the same collection.  To ensure a deep black silhouette, I used Black Soot archival ink from the Distress Mixed Media Ink Palette by Ranger, dabbed through the stencil using a cosmetic sponge until I was happy with the depth of colour.  I haven't tried using two different stencils to both remove and add colour on the same background before, but I am really happy with the effect here.  The brightness of the distress inks contrast brilliantly with the silhouette and the removal/moving around of colour through the first stencil adds texture and interest to the background.  I will definitely be trying this technique again.If you're interested in how I finished the card; see HERE.

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