Saturday 7 January 2017

Twist and Pop Bunnies: Part One

I wanted to make a card which was a little different, so when I came across this blog post on behalf of Tonic Studios by Nicky Gilbert with step by step instructions for a Twist and Pop card base, I jumped at the chance to have a go at making one myself.  The photo of the first step to make the mechanism is from the original blog post, so thank you so much Nicky for sharing these fabulously easy instructions.
The outside of the card.
The wow is on the inside!

Image by Nicky
I chose 3 pink patterned pieces of card; a dark pink and light pink gingham pattern and a dark pink with white polka dots for the mechanism insert.  Nicky's instructions are really clear; trim a piece of A4 card to A4 in length, measure5.5cm in from each corner along the narrow side of the card and 11cm down from each corner on the long side of the card, mark and cut out the corner pieces. Score along the middle at 14.5cm.  Mark up 1.5cm from each inner corner of the cross shape and score diagonally in both directions.  

 Once the diagonal lines are folded as valley folds and the centre score line is folded as a mountain fold the two sides of the mechanism can be pushed together with the pattern on the inside to create a 'tag' shape.  
To create the outside of the card I simply cut an A4 piece of dark pink gingham card in half lengthways (10.5 x 29.7cm), scored it in half to create an A6 card blank and used strong glue to attach the mechanism to the inside.

The pop out part of the card is a strip of light pink gingham card 28cm x 8.5cm scored into 4 sections at 7, 14 and 21cm.  
Image by Nicky

To attach this section to the mechanism open up the card, find the centre and lay the centre fold line of the insert level with it.  Hold the insert piece flat and fold in the right hand flap.  Mark a pencil line on the mechanism to show the edge and add tape in the top right hand corner of the mechanism, above the fold and to the right of the pencil line.  Repeat with the left flap but add tape BELOW the fold and to the left of the pencil line.  Remove the back from one lot of tape, ensure the strip is FLAT and centered and then fold the corresponding flap out onto the taped area and burnish into place.  Repeat for the other side.

The insert now tucks away into the card as it is folded up.

To hold the card shut, I used a piece of the pale pink gingham (4cm x 25cm) and attached a small round hook and loop fastener to the back.
As this is already a mammoth post, I shall share the details of how I decorated my version of the card tomorrow.  Once again, I am most grateful that Nicky shared her step by step instructions to make the card base; I shall definitely be making more of this type of card as it is so effective and different.

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