Monday 2 January 2017

Groovi Birthday Card

This is my 200th post so I thought I would share a birthday card that I made for a friend who shares the same birthday as my Mum.  It was made using the Groovi system by Claritystamp, without which I wouldn't have ever tried parchment craft.
I started with the lovely Velvet Art Nouveau lady then added the extra pattern on the Douglas border plate as a fence along the centre of the card.  Once happy I added the outermost and third square in on the square A5 nesting plate to frame the whole thing.  The house, mail box and finally the tree from the Wee Shops and Tree A6 Groovi plate were added in the background, taking great care not to go over any pre existing lines.  The sentiment was added using two different A5 plates.  The 'Happy' is from the Merry Christmas A5 plate and 'Birthday' comes from the Best Wishes A5 plate.  Finally, the foreground was made a little more interesting by adding some texture from the Textures A5 Groovi plate extended to fill the area. 
Next came the white work, which I probably rushed a little, hence the parchment became rather more wrinkly than I would have liked.  As you can see, I added  white work to the 'fence', the sentiment, some of the roof tiles and above and below the windows of the house using first the number 4, then the number 3 ball tool.  I was far gentler with the tree and the lady's skirt, but still could have taken more time over things; less is more.  I should have used gentler strokes with the ball tool and allowed the parchment to rest over night between applications rather than wanting a quick result.
I used Distress Markers to colour the parchment from behind, including behind the border in order to allow the use of strong double sided tape without it showing through the parchment.  The parchment was trimmed to the outer edge of the frame, mounted onto some dark blue Clarity Pearl Paper, a narrow white mat was added then the whole thing was glued onto a piece of 16.5cm x 16.5cm green card before being added onto a 7" x 7" pre made white card blank.

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