Tuesday 17 May 2022

Latest Daily Journal Round Up

 The days seem to roll round ever more quickly and the third journal of this year is growing nicely.  I am into a routine cutting background papers to size and finding suitable toppers and stickers from my ancient stash.  Here are the pages for May so far.  Each one uses word stickers from one of the four booklets available from Claritystamp.

I love the combination of printed papers and embossed stickers.

Still sticking to coordinated opposite pages and florals.

A little watercolour pencil used to ground the images.

Sometimes clusters of stickers work too.

More clusters and still using up my K&Co stickers.

Still working my way through my flower stickers.
These seemed fitting phrases for the end of SATs week for Y6.
Back to using up K&Co. stickers.
This one had to be trimmed as it was too long for the page.

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