Saturday 29 October 2016

Relax and Enjoy Your Retirement

Back to work next week, but there will be one fewer colleague there.  A lovely lady who retired just before half term.  This is the card that I made for her.  I have been really getting into the Groovi system by Claritystamp and decided to use it to create the card.  The background is a Gelli print on a simple piece of copy paper.
I am getting the hang of doing everything in reverse.  The words were easy to keep straight working from behind.  The only thing that I would have changed, had I thought about it in advance a little more, was to have the top line further to the left and the bottom line further over to the right.  The embossing went relatively well (apart from the layout of the text boxes); I am getting used to planning out the front to back nature of the composition.  I drew the boxes and added the letters first, then embossed the Meadow Grass plate without going through the text boxes.  Finally I used the two outermost squares on the nesting plate, taking care to leave the grasses at the front.
I looked through my Gelli print pile and found a lovely green print with hints of pink in places.  That informed the colour (Picked Raspberry) of the distress marker which I used to colour the letter boxes and the border from behind.  I wanted to attach the parchment with narrow tape as it doesn't show through coloured areas. I also did some white work on the letters and the heads of the grasses.  I was careful to build up the intensity really slowly, using the #3 then #4 ball tool.
I trimmed around the edge of the parchment image using small scissors and used tape to attach it to the Gelli print, which had been cut down to 14.5 cm x 14.5cm.  I didn't use any tape behind the text boxes, just behind the coloured frame.  
I couldn't add the topper directly to a card as it was slightly too big for a 15cm x 15cm card and too small for a 17cm x 17cm card.  I therefore made a mat from stamping card (15.8cm x15.8cm), daubed all round the edge in Picked Raspberry Distress paint and dried it off.  The colour looked too intense against the more muted parchment colour, so I went over the paint with Fine Wine Artistry ink and sealed it with Distress Glaze.
I still wasn't entirely happy adding the layers directly to a card, so added a very narrow mat in a matching teal/green colour, before sticking the whole piece to a 17cm x 17cm card blank.

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