Tuesday 16 February 2016

Colouring with Glitter

There's a technique that I have seen used by Sue Wilson where she uses a double sided adhesive sheet behind a die cut pattern and adds glitter to the front of the card to colour the image.  I decided to have a play myself.  Rather than use the ombre effect that Sue used on her card, I used some contrasting colours and shades of the same colour to make a more rainbow effect on my panels.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the finished panel yet: cut them into sections; stamp a verse down the right hand side or cut out the square and add it as the focal point to a larger square card.  Watch this space!

The left hand panel.
The middle panel.
I started by die cutting two of the Butterflies in Flight mini striplets designed by Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions either side of the Rose Garden mini striplet.  I only used the inner section of the dies as I wanted the pattern to stay in the card. I then cut a 14cm x 14cm piece of double sided adhesive, removed one side of the backing and carefully adhered the piece to the back of my die cut panels.  I replaced the backing piece over the front of the panel to allow me to burnish the intricate die cut panels onto the adhesive sheet without getting into a mess.  
I then uncovered the left hand panel and started adding glitter in an area at a time, burnishing the glitter onto the adhesive sheet using my index finger.  As you can see this kept most of the glitter away from the other two panels.  
Once I had finished the first section, I repeated the method on the other two sections.  I used the Nuvo glitter by Tonic Studios in Aqua, Turquoise, Hot Pink and Lilac as these are lovely large pots and I didn't mind so much if a little glitter was wasted. 
I mixed up the order of the colours and the places that I aded them on the middle and right hand panel as I didn't like the 'stripe' effect that appeared on the left hand panel.
The right hand panel.  I'm far happier with this one than the left hand side.

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