Friday 19 February 2016

Playing with Yupo

I'm late to the game with this one, but I finally discovered Yupo on YouTube and as I have quite a few alcohol inks I thought I'd get some and have a play.  I wasn't pleased with my initial efforts and almost threw them away; but I persevered, added layers and I'm happy with the two pieces I've created so far trying a multitude of techniques.

The second finished piece.

The first mistake that I made was not taking care to avoid touching the Yupo when I cut a piece of A4 in half and then one of the pieces of A5 into two.  As there are 10 sheets of A4 in the pack, I wasn't too worried and decided to try working with them anyway, even though the oil from my fingers could have affected the surface.  I added two or three drops of a multitude of alcohol inks in the light and bright colour palette by Ranger.  I think that I probably used too many colours and will probably stick to a smaller range of colours in future attempts.  
The pools of colour bled together in completely unpredictable ways, which I particularly like.  I also tried tipping the paper which created some drip effects.  
I decided to over stamp this piece with the Doily background by Tim Holtz and Stamper's Anonymous.  I used black Archival ink and rubbed the image away immediately using kitchen towel to lift the colour and create a resist effect.  I haven't completely finished this piece yet, but have left it to one side to decide what to do with it next.
For the second piece, I overlaid the Criss Cross Grid Mask by Tando Creative and used blending solution on a felt to lift some of the colour away.  This wasn't entirely effective as the felt caused the blending solution to dry up too quickly to really lift the colour.  I removed the stencil; added blending solution to the end of a cotton bud and lifted further colour away.  This also transferred some of the colours from one area of the Yupo to another, as you can see in the photo.  I then laid the stencil back over in roughly the same place and went round some of the segments with a black Pitt Artist Pen (SX).  

 Finally, I used the small ledger stamp from the Documented stamp set (again by Tim Holtz and Stamper's Anonymous), together with black Archival ink twice down the right hand side of the piece.  This time I left the ink to dry, rather than remove it, as I wanted the permanent stamped image to remain.  This is the piece that I am happiest with and will probably use as a focal image on a card in the future.

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