Monday, 26 June 2017

Junk Journal Flick Through.

I call this my junk journal, not because I have created it myself, but because I use an old notebook for the challenges for the Junk Journals Junkies and Mindful Art group. It is not a 'proper' journal as I have to glue pages together to make them strong enough to work on (usually 3 pages).  Although I was introduced to the group fairly early on (I was about member 150) and the group has since grown to over 1000, I missed the first few challenges.  My first challenge was #4 Brown, Gold, Teal with the theme Circles.  I haven't missed any challenges since and look forward to seeing what this evening brings for challenge 24 (always 3 colours and a theme).  I was very wary early on about the types of media I used in the journal, but these days I'll use anything from acrylic paint to Brushos and Pixie Powders, although I mix these with distress collage medium rather than spraying with water to avoid getting the pages too wet.
Challenge 4: Brown, Teal, Gold, Circles

Challenge 5: Blue, Purple, Silver, Diamonds

Red, White, Blue, Lips

Turquoise, Lime Green, Red, Peace - I wasn't happy with this page.

Ivory, Copper, Royal Blue, Science

Burnt Orange, Olive Green, Tan, Nature

Pink, Blue, Silver, Heavenly - I won this one!

The challenge I set: Red, Orange, Brown, Strength

Black, Green, Pink, Feathers

Red, Green, Blue, Buttons

Purple, Cream, Gold, Lessons Learned

Green, Blue, Yellow, Into the Wild Woods

Pink, Orange, Yellow, Sunshine - my favourite colours so far.

Pink, Turquoise, Brown, Music

Purple, Orange, Green, Change

Pink, Green, Blue, Tolerance

Blue, Turquoise, Sand/Ochre, Seaside

Red, Pink, Orange, Watch the Birdie

Green, Gold, Purple, Reflection
There are very few of these pages that I didn't like by the time I had finished them.  Some colour combinations were more challenging than others.  I think that I am more prepared to take risks by being part of this group, so thanks for having me and I know new members are always welcome, so come and join us!  If you want more information about how each page was created, they can all be found on my blog under 2017.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

JJJAMA Challenge 22: Purple, Green, Gold, Reflection

This page is for Challenge 22 for Junk Journals Junkies and Mindful Art.  As soon as I saw the theme was reflection, I had an idea for the first layer of the background!

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Art Journal Prompts Week 25: Time

For the first time ever in 2017 I am completely up to date with the Art Journal Prompts and waiting for the new one to be published tomorrow!  For week 25 the prompt was time, which gave me the excuse to work with some more of the stamps and dies from the Time Traveller collection by Sheena Douglass.

Friday, 23 June 2017

June Mini Mission: Cake

This is my June mini mission for the Mission Inspiration group.  As usual I have ended up completing the mini mission before the main mission and have worked on a #8 Maniila tag.  This prompt was easy to complete (can't think why LOL).

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Art Journal Prompts Week 24: Graffiti/Grunge/Urban

Just as I caught up with the back log from earlier in the year, I fell behind with the more recent prompts.  This is for week 24 on Art Journal Prompts: Graffiti/Grunge/Urban and I have another page to complete before Sunday to be completely up to date.  As you can see, I took the prompt literally.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WOYWW 420: Too Darned Hot

Reports are written for another year (170 final total) so I should have time to visit a few desks this week.  Thanks to everyone who called across without me returning the visit, this week I shall try to get to everyone by the weekend.  It's far too hot for me at the moment.  I'm sitting here in shorts with the window and door of my shed open (nets up and blinds down) to keep out the sun and allow a through breeze and it's still nearly 30 degrees Celsius /nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit).  Lots of excitements this week.  I had a fabulous day out at the Create-It show in Telford with my crafty friend; met some Facebook friends (but no WOYWWers); came third in the competition (only four entries lol) but most amazingly of all ended up with 15 minutes of fame on live crafting TV (Hochanda), crafting alongside the amazing Sheena Douglass.  For a full description of the day and pictures see HERE. Until Saturday you can watch the show on rewind on; it was the 11am show on Saturday 17th June.
Anyway, back to the reason for our Wednesday blogging (for a full explanation, please go to the Stamping Ground where Julia can give you the low down).  Here is my desk with all the lovely stash I bought on Saturday.  I bought the Clean Colour Kuretake pens with my prize money; the items on the far right were from the goodie bag for VIP ticket holders and I also visited the IndigoBlu stall, Chloe, HobbyArt and Bee Crafty stands as you can see.  I also bought some MDF cats from the Inkylicious stand.
On the other side of the desk, my friend is playing with some of her purchases; six of the distress oxides and some Phill Martin stencils, creating backgrounds.


I have been reorganising my inks.  I bought a new storage rack and finally have all my inks in one place easily accessible.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Bright Gift Boxes

I thought I'd work on some gift boxes as a change from art journaling, card making or tag creating.  These are a decent size for small gifts such as a scarf, sweets or votive candles and can be made to look completely different just with a change of colour and decoration.  I haven't added any side panels with additional stamped images or words yet, but I may well do so.