Wednesday 31 August 2016

WOYWW #378 Crafting Companions!

Three weeks in a row - this is definitely a record joining in with WOYWW over at Julia's Stamping Ground.  Once again my crafty friend and companion has joined me for a day's crafting so I shall be showing her side of the desk as well as my own.
My side
The opposite side!

As you can see from the photos, I like to be a tidy crafter and keep everything organised.  My friend is a little messier but still very organised.  I have been playing with my bargain half price Pebeo Fantasy, Moon and Vitrail paints, which I bought at Hobbycraft at the weekend.  I bought the sample pack of each of the three types, as well as some packs of silver and red foil sheets to go with the Pebeo items which I already bought in the snazzy three layer storage box.
I have had the box for a while, but my weekend purchase spurred me into getting out some small 5" x 7" canvas boards, which I have also had in my stash for a while and start experimenting.  I started by laying down some random lines of Prime colours across the middle of the canvas using the end of a paintbrush handle.  They need to be laid on quite thickly in order for the beautiful marble effect to be clear.  This takes up a relatively large amount of paint, so I didn't want to use the same type over the whole canvas.

I moved onto the Vitrail paint, which is translucent and meant for painting on glass.  I poured a little onto the bottom section of the canvas then used a brush to move it around and add brush marks, intending the bottom part of the canvas to look like water.

I then dropped some Fantasy Moon paint randomly on the top third of the canvas and added a lighter blue Vitrail around it.  The brush was used to cover the whole area and blend the two types of paint together to try and create the feeling of clouds in the sky. 
I liked the effect so much, that I decided to add some Fantasy Moon paint to the 'sea' at the bottom.  As you  can see this wasn't as effective as the two paints were too similar in colour to provide a contrast.  I'm going to allow this to dry completely, then I may add some stamping using the Gilding Paste Mixtion and then add some foil over the top.

 My friend has also done further work on her Mixed Media pieces, adding Pebeo Dyna Studio acrylics and some words from the Claritystamp word chain sets, heat embossed onto vellum. 

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